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Moncton, New Brunswick is a Canadian city located in Westmorland County, southeast in New Brunswick. Moncton, New Brunswick is located in the Petitcodiac River Valley and it lies in the center of the Maritime Provinces. The city of Moncton has the nickname of “Hub City” because it was a central location and because historically,

Moncton has been the railway and land transportation hub for the Maritimes. Moncton, New Brunswick has a population of 69,074 habitants according to the Canadian Census 2011. Moncton,

New Brunswick covers an area of 142 square meters. The Moncton Metropolitan Area, including Dieppe and the town of Riverview and adjacent areas in Westmorland and Albert counties, has a population of 138,644 habitants. The Moncton area was settled in 1733, but it is considered that it was officially founded in 1766 with the arrival of Pennsylvania Dutch immigrants from Philadelphia. Moncton, New Brunswick was officially incorporated in 1855.

In the mid 1840’s the industry of wooden shipbuilding was developed in Moncton, New Brunswick but it collapsed in the 1860’s. In the 1980’s the economy of Moncton, New Brunswick was shocked again because of the closure of the Canadian National Railway. Even do the economy of Moncton, New Brunswick suffered an economic collapse, the city was able to rebound on both occasions.

The motto of the city was “Resurgo” after the rebirth of them as a railway town. Moncton’s economy now is stable, based mainly in traditional transportation, distribution, retailing, and commercial heritage, but also supplemented by strength in the educational, health care, financial, information technology, and insurance sectors.

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