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The world’s first mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell car is here and its called the Toyota Mirai. The car is extremely comfortable and quite and the drive is remarkably smooth thanks to Toyota’s amazing drivetrain engineering and suspension design.

The vehicle maker claims that this car will remove “range anxiety” from customer’s heads in contrast to some other zero-emission vehicle alternatives that currently make you feel like you could be stranded at any moment.

The Mirai will provide 300 kilometers of range with on a full tank of hydrogen. And while some may say that this is way less than the 300 miles a Tesla Model S provides, we have to keep in mind that hydrogen is way faster to refill (~2 mins) against the 30 minute best scenario in an electric.

As many of our readers may already know, hydrogen cars produce only water as a byproduct. However, in order to produce, compress and transport that hydrogen takes way more energy than charging batteries. In the end hydrogen ends up being “dirtier” than a pure electric vehicle.

Hydrogen cars are nice and the technology is great… demo. But they won’t save us from global climate change any time soon.