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Winter driving requires special attention to be paid to the state of the asphalt and in some regions the use of chains is required by law in order to traverse some complicated roads.

The perfect alternative for some of the coldest regions in Canada is, for example, the use of “Winter Tires” however, chains do a perfectly good job and have been trusted for years.

Winter tires must be mounted on the “Traction Wheels” of the vehicle. In the case of AWD it usually the case that one must mount them in the front in order to keep good control on the steering. If 4 winter tires are available however, and the vehicle is a 4 X 4, it wouldn’t hurt to use them all.

No matter the type of chain being used, this must be done only when the asphalt is covered in snow, otherwise the chains will degrade too quickly and damage the tires or even the suspension. This, without mentioning the incredible damage to the street.

When using tires to cross a snowy zone you should drive at a speed no higher than 50 Km/h. Once you finish using the chains it is recommended to clean them and above all, to dry them. This will prevent corrosion to develop and extend their overall lifespan.

Soon we will share more content regarding driving and general car shipping in the snow. Look forward to those articles and stay tuned for more.