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 Shipping a Recently Bought Car

 Shipping a Recently Bought CarHave you recently bought a car? Did you get a car far away from you and you are tying to  get it shipped to your city? Well, you have found the perfect auto moving company to handle the auto shipping process for you.

ShipMyRide a vehicle shipping company with more than 7 years of experience in the auto transport industry (2014), we are based in Calgary, AB, Canada.

We are a platinum member of the auto transport association since 2009. Before you ship your vehicle with an auto shipping company, you may want to make sure the company you are hiring is a certified auto moving company.

This will let you rest assured your vehicle will get to its destination in a timely and efficient way.

ShipMyRide has an only-certified car carriers and fully experienced drivers who will be more than happy to transport your ride anywhere you would like in Canada and The United States.

It doesn’t matter if you need to transport your vehicle from city to city, province to province or even to the United States, ShipMyRide can handle the automobile moving process for you in the most efficient way.

At ShipMyRide we offer the enclosed car carrier option, we usually recommend this option for luxury, classic and recently bought cars since it basically consists on an all covered up car carrier which will minimize the risks of your luxury vehicle getting any damages during the auto transport process.

Feel free to contact ShipMyRide today in order for you to get a completely free Car Shipping Quote you can receive an e-mail or we can call you to answer all of the auto shipping questions you may have or give us a call today to: (403) 800-9292 in order for us to answer any questions you may have about the services we offer.

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