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Car Transport in Canada

Car Transport in Canada

Are you in the beautiful province of Quebec? or what about Ontario? Maybe in Saskatchewan? Well, for ShipMyRide it doesn’t matter where you are, cause we are a car transport company that can transport your vehicle anywhere in Canada and the United States!

ShipMyRide is a car transport company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our car transport service has been named the #1 car transport service in the Canadian network by

We really take pride in what we do and what we do best is: handling your car transport process all across Canada and the United States. Why would you let just anyone handle your car transport process when you can let a certified, responsible and committed car transport company in Canada handle it for you in the most efficient way out there.

ShipMyRide offers the widest car transport service variety in Canada, one of many car transport services we offer is the shipping by rail car transport service. When you decide to ship your vehicle by rail you need to have all the information possible when it comes to car transport.

The dimensions on the car and the actual container are crucial for the safety of your vehicle during transport. From each mirror of your vehicle to the side of a rail container there is only one inch and a half. Your vehicle will be placed on a container and that container on a multi-carrier that moves through Canada by rail tracks.

There’s many points for check up when it comes to shipping by rail. there must be precision and professionalism when loading and off-loading. This is one  of many car transport services ShipMyRide offers.

Feel free to contact an experienced and professional car transport company today and get a completely free vehicle shipping quote.

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