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The 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06, perhaps is the most advanced auto brand thanks to the investment of time and money that has been spent for quite some time now.

One of the improvements that draws much attention is the new technology available such as the (PDR) Performance Data Recorder, which records video using a 720p HD camera placed in each rearview mirror and a microphone on the inside of the vehicle to capture all performance data using also a telemetry recorder which has a permanent connection to the car Controller Area Network that runs the engine speed, transmission, braking force and angle of the steering wheel to name a few.

Another significant feature is the incorporation of new materials such as magnesium which helps reduce vehicle weight, which is one of the mentioned priorities of the new Corvette.

The new engine of the Z06 is the LT4 small block 6.2-liter supercharged V8 with 650 hp of power and 650 pounds of torque.

We can definitely say that it is a very versatile car that has multiple configurations such as the operating modes: Touring, Economic, Weather, Sport and Track. Behind each of these there are even more additional configurations that change both the performance and feel of the car. As we know by now most of the improvements in top of the line cars nowadays are thanks to the combination of different car computers that assist in optimizing suspension, transmission, engine, and even the differential.

This new version comes with 20-inch wheels in the rear and 19 inches in the front. It uses Michelin tires specially designed for the Corvette and additionally you can pick a model such as the Pilot Super Sport that is designed for street and designed for the track.

Price in the US is currently $78,000. What do you think about the new Corvette?