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According to a survey conducted in the US by The Harrris Poll, interest in electric cars by consumers has remained stable in recent years.
During 2013 and 2014 sales of electric vehicles and plug-in Hybrids exceeded half a million units and it seems that at the end of 2015 the same will happen. And we are counting January to July so far where this segment has already recorded sales of almost 290,000 vehicles.

While these figures are very positive, when compared with global sales we can see that this types of vehicles only account for 3 percent of the total number of vehicles out there however, according to a study of 2,225 American car owners, just under half (48 per cent) would consider buying a traditional hybrid and 21 percent an electric. Meanwhile, 19 percent are thinking of purchasing a diesel-powered or would want a smaller car gasoline vehicle to save on operating costs.

Likewise, this same research found that men are more likely to have an electric vehicle than women (25% male, 17% female) or a diesel (28% men, 11% women). This survey also showed the main barriers to the purchase of an electric vehicle which are price (67 percent), and the fact that we are talking about a new technology (42 percent).

What do you think about electric vehicles, are you purchasing one soon?