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Enclosed vs. Open Car Carrier Enclosed vs. Open Car Carrier

At ShipMyRide we not only understand but we also commit to our car shipping customers’ requirements and preferences, that is only one of many reasons we have been able to remain the in auto shipping industry for so long.

Some of our automobile transportation customers may require an open car carrier for their car shipping due to its availability, some others may prefer the enclosed car carrier for their vehicles protection against bad weather conditions or some other factors that could affect their cars.

Both auto shipping services are good enough, we usually recommend the enclosed car carrier for luxury, classic or recently bought cars. There are some differences between these 2 automobile shipping services, the main one is that an enclosed car carrier is all covered up, so your vehicle will  be completely safe from external conditions that could damage your vehicle during the shipping process.

Whatever your auto shipping choice is, at ShipMyRide we will deliver an excellent vehicle shipping service with the highest car transportation quality standards. How many vehicle shipping companies offer your a completely free Shipping Quote? Not many, right? Well, at ShipMyRide you can get this auto shipping quote at no charge, so you’re thinking about getting the enclosed car carrier auto transport service? Get the quote for that! Our transport carriers go all across Canada and The United States.

Are you in Montreal? Are you in Saskatoon? Are you in Calgary? Are you in Ottawa? and you need to ship your ride to Regina? Vancouver? Edmonton? or anywhere in the United States? Well, you have found the perfect vehicle shipping company for your car’s s transportation. We count with an only-certified-drivers team who’s willing to ship your car anywhere you would like.

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