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DB Export, a New Zealand has made public the fact that they created a new type of biofuel which they call “Brewtroleum” since its made out of the remainders of the process of making beer.


The company recycles such residues and converts them into ethanol, which can be mixed with regular petroleum to effectively produce a marketable biofuel. DB Export works with “big name” companies like Murphy’s or Heineken but in the case of the biofuel production its main partner is Gull Petroleums.


Once the ethanol has been obtained, Gull then adds a 90% of premium gas thus completing the 98 octane mixture that is now ready to ship and be used by our vehicles.


DB themselves acknowledge that this is not a super-inovative product but we can all agree that it has some advantages like cleaning excess water and other corrosive substances from the engine, without mentioning the fact that carbon emissions go down thanks to this too.