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According to General Motors, starting 2016 vehicles coming from Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac that are marketed in the United States will offer 22 new and different active safety technologies.

These security systems range from audible alerts for the driver to automatically vibrating the steering wheel and assist the driver in critical situations.

Here is a list of some of the others:

City Front Crash ​Automatic Braking:
If the vehicle is traveling at low speed and the system detects that a frontal collision is imminent, it automatically applies the brakes to help reduce the severity of the collision. The system can even help prevent accidents at very low speeds.

Pedestrian run over Front Braking:
If the system detects an imminent collision with a pedestrian and the driver has not applied the brakes, an alert and, if necessary, the brakes will be also automatically applied to help reduce the severity of the collision or completely avoid it.

Rear Camera Mirror:
Compared to a traditional mirror, this camera offers a wider field of view which prevents blind spots.

Night Vision:
Provides the driver with a video feed that is night vision enabled and allows seeing beyond the headlight illuminated area while also providing alerts for pedestrians or animals that may cross in front of the vehicle’s​ path.

Front Camera:
This system gives the driver a front view of the vehicle to help avoid collisions with objects such as curbs, poles and other parked cars.

This is pretty good safety for all base models in the year 2016. What do you think?