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Have you ever Imagined your vehicle driving by itself? This is no longer a dream and it is soon to become a reality thanks to Google! Google has been working for quite some time on this project. Right now, the “driverless car” project is in its testing phase. Google is scheduled to begin testing the driverless vehicle starting this summer on public roads. A highlight of the project is how the driverless vehicle has been tested for some time and it has only experienced 11 accidents in six years. It seems like a self-driving vehicle will be safer, after all!

This vehicle will have a speed limit while being tested. The speed limit for the driverless vehicle will be 25 miles per hour, also, each one of the vehicles being tested will include a safety driver who can over control at any time for safety purposes. The test program has ramped up to 10,000 miles per week which basically translate into 75 years of driving experience.

Many people assure that taxi services would be in trouble if this driverless vehicle became a reality. These vehicles will be tested in Northern California streets. We have to give credit to Chris Urmson, the project director. These vehicles will be built in Detroit, assures Chris Urmson. According to Google, these driverless vehicles will be powered by the same software as Google’s experimental fleet of Lexus RX450h driver-less cars. We strongly believe this could the how the vehicles of the future will be assembled.

Picture this, the Google’s self-driving vehicle includes no steering wheel, gears or brakes, however, it can negotiate traffic, read road signs, change lanes and execute emergency stops. This vehicle could be a live-changing vehicle. This vehicle’s body is made from polycarbonate, plastic and soft foam, which could minimize the damages after a collision, which is very unlikely to happen, according to Google.

When this technology goes on sale, experts predict that the cost for these vehicles will be around £4,000 and £7,000. Are you willing to buy one of the Google’s self-driving vehicles? Let us know! Share your opinion with us.