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Driving is an activity that requires our complete focus and attention and it becomes even tougher during winter, especially in places like Canada where snow is very common, Driving in the snow is a really complicated task and when you are doing so, you need to be extra cautious to avoid a catastrophe.

According to the Canadian Motor Vehicle Traffic Collision Statistics,  there were 122401 crashes in Canada in 2013. 1741 resulted in fatalities. many of these collisions have to be with snowy and icy roads. During snowy weather it is easier for drivers to lose control over their vehicle due to the slippery road.

So if you are planning to drive in snowy weather you may want to keep in mind our tips to drive safely in the snow.

Our first advice is to have a good night sleep. Get enough rest. Not sleeping as much as you should can result in fatigue, and whenever this happens you are at a higher risk while driving.

Always remember that if you need to warm up your vehicle, it better be in an enclosed area, such a garage.

This is a must, and you should always take it into consideration, whether it is snowing or not, you should always check your tires. Make sure they are properly inflated.

You should always keep your gas tank half full to avoid gas line freeze-up, which is very common during winter in Canada.

If you are heading for a long distance triip, we recommend you to watch weather reports in advance,this will give you a forecast on what to expect during your trip. It will also let you know if there are any delays in the road and so on.

Before heading a long distance winter trip make sure to take your vehicle to a certified mechanic to have it inspected. This could save your life.

In case you get lost due to heavy snow, tie a brightly colored cloth to the antenna to signal distress.

When driving in the snow, accelerate and decelerate slowly. this will avoid skids. Make sure to always drive slowly. Everything takes longer on snow covered roads.

Don’t stop if you can avoid it.

Now that you know some tips to drive safely in the snow, do you have any other tips to share? We’d love to hear from you!