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Keeping your vehicle in shape can bring you countless benefits, from extending the vehicle’s life to being able to sell it at a higher price when you decide to sell it or trade it. But, do you really know how to keep it at top performance? Let’s take a look at some ways to keep your vehicle in perfect condition.

First of all, these are the parts in your vehicle you should pay more attention to:

Do you know why? Because these parts are vital for your vehicle. You should check these parts at least once a week to make sure your vehicle is well-maintained.

The first thing we recommend you to check: your tires. Make sure they are properly inflated to avoid a situation. Tires should be replaced when tread wear indicators are showing between the treads.

Oil is essential for your vehicle, this might sound like a cheesy metaphor, but oil is to your vehicle what blood is to your body, without it your car won’t go anywhere.

Have you ever noticed something broken but decide not to fix it right at that moment and said to yourself that you will to fix it some other time? The windows in your car should not be part of that plan. Keep them clean and as soon as your see a scratch on them do something about it.

Imagine if your car’s braking system failed in the middle of the road? We are sure this is something you definitely don’t want, this situation causes many accidents every year, don’t be part of it and keep your braking system on top performance and replace it every now and then to maintain maximum breaking efficiency.

If you are thinking about selling your vehicle in the future, keeping your interior clean is essential. Vacuum your car’s interior as needed. Remember this is a first-impression kind of thing, so even if many people don’t know anything about oil or tires, they will for sure, know about a clean interior.

And last but not least, the fluids your car needs. we can mention the coolant, the power steering fluid, transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid and brake fluid. All of these need to be checked on a regular basis to ensure your vehicle’s top performance.