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Open Car Carrier ExperienceCar shipping is a unique type of business that we have the chance of experiencing once or twice in our lifetime in the average. This is a process like any other transportation services we enjoy.

It’s like moving on a bus, or plane. It is like sending a package to a different city.To have a great car shipping experience we need to understand the terms and the players that play along during the auto transport process.

We need as a car shipping customer, understand the type of service we are requiring to ship our vehicle.Terminal service means that we actually have to drop off the vehicle in the designated place for the car shipping company to pick up. It is like dropping a package at PURALATOR official office, or like going to the airport to board the plane.

Door service is usually for an additional price. This means that the carrier will actually pick up form your door. Is like asking UPS to pick up form our home, which it’s a more expensive type of service, or like taking a cab that can take us to the airport to catch our plane. Also there are additional things that we can do as car transport customers to make the best of our auto shipping experience: Make sure we decide to go with a professional, certified company to help us with our auto transport need.

Having additional insurance is always a plus, we shouldn’t risk our asset Inspect the vehicle properly and be aware of the vehicle’s condition before shipping. Understand that regular highway damage is not covered by any insurance. It is consider a regular damage that can be even caused by driving the vehicle yourself.

Get the phone number of the dispatcher at ShipMyRide you choose so you can be in contact in case you have any questions or want further information about your vehicle’s location. The best way to reach us is by email. It is always being monitored!

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