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Renew or die. As has already happened with other industries such as film or music for example, the automotive industry must also adapt to changes that bring technology advancements.

Insurance companies, specifically, are beginning to study the behavior and performance of systems for driver assistance in order to adapt their offer to market needs. For example, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has been testing some of these support systems by driving in the center of Ruckerville (VA, USA) all of this, in order to know what are some of the innovations that actually help prevent accidents.

Until we reach the point of fully autonomous driving, where human intervention is minimal as well as human error, we will keep seeing more and more systems that recognize emergency braking from other vehicles for example, and can slow down your car on your behalf to prevent a collision. We can safely assume that this systems will continuously improve and will therefore decrease the revenue from insurance companies significantly. 

For this reason, the IIHS has assembled a test group based in Ruckerville. This team is creating robots to examine some of the assisted driving systems that will potentially help the business further develop. Insurance companies like Allstate are already offering new services for cars connected to the network. A good example is an application that monitors driving at all times and can therefore reward good driving. If you are a good driver you will be rewarded with bonuses and discounts for restaurants and such. Once again renew or die.

What does the future have in-store for us next?