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According to a study for the Driver Interactive Vehicle Experience (Drive) of JD Power, a lot of the latest technologies that vehicles come equipped with are not being used by the owners.

This research that measured 4,200 drivers experience with the technology of their car in the first three months of ownership, reveals that 20 percent did not use 16 of the 33 features that were included in the study.

Within the list of components that were “never used” by motorists we found these to be the five most common:

1. Concierge Service (43%)
2. Mobile Routers (38%)
3. Automatic parking systems (35%)
4. Heads-up display (33%)
5. Integrated Applications or Apps (32%)

On the other hand, the study showed that there are 14 technologies that 20 percent or more of the owners definitely want in their next vehicle. Some of these elements are Apple carplay , Android Auto, good concierge services and voice messages.

What technologies are in your car? And how often do you use them?