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The car manufacturer has incorporated to its daily tasks the design and production of a hover board that floats just a few centimeters from the ground.

Just like we saw in the movie “Back to the future” when Marty McFly uses one himself in the middle of being chased.

Lexus is currently working on SLIDE, the fourth project from the “Amazing in Motion” series they have brought to the world. The luxurious car producer has stated numerous times that this is serious work and that it will some updates on the progress in the next few weeks.

The Lexus hover board uses “Magnetic Levitation” to avoid the surface. It combines nitrogen cooled superconductors and magnets to support its own weight.

Lexus is maintaining the design style that characterizes its vehicles, it also put the company logo in the middle of the board while utilizing similar materials to the ones found in their cars suchs as bamboo.

Is this a publicity stunt? Most likely. Am I giving them the benefit of the doubt? Why not, we may as well get the future today!