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Whether you have heard about the Tesla model S or not, one thing is for sure, the Tesla model S is here to stay. With more than 65,000 units sold as of March 2015, the Tesla has become one of the most popular vehicles in certain regions of the world such as Norway and California. This luxury vehicle got a perfect 5.0 on the automobile safety rating, making it one of the most safety vehicles in the world. It seems like we have a new contender for the most popular electric car to date!

These vehicles are built and tested in the region of Fremont in California. As we mentioned before this is an electric vehicle and its battery has a life of 8 years or 125,000 miles. Not bad, right?

Are you soon to make a long distance trip? There’s nothing to worry about. Tesla began building a network of 480-volt charging stations across the US. They have yet to build some in Canada, but eventually they will build some in Canada, too.

The biggest market for the Tesla model S is, unarguably, the US market, followed by Norway and Netherlands, China and Canada are 4th and 5th, consecutively. If you need car shipping service to ship your Tesla model S, make sure you get an enclosed car carrier to avoid possible damage to your luxury vehicle.

Although the Tesla model S is the third biggest plug-in vehicle in Canada, behind the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf, it has only sold a little over 1,000 units, which makes us doubt about a Tesla owner needing car shipping service in Canada for it.

This vehicle not only is green and takes care of the environment, but it is also very stylish and user-friendly, according to its owners. If you are one of the 1,000 Tesla owners and you need car shipping service, remember you need to find a reliable car shipping company to ship your luxurious Tesla!

Let’s take a look at some of the Tesla specifications:

Length: 196.0″                                                                                  Hip Room: Front 55.0″, Rear.

Wheelbase: 116.5″                                                                           Seating Capacity: 5 adults.

Width: 86.2″                                                                                      Total Cargo Volume: 31.6 cu ft

Track: Front 65.4″, Rear: 66.9″                                                          Rear Cargo Volume: 26.3 cu ft

Clearance: 5.65″                                                                                Front Trunk Cargo Volume: 5.3 cu ft

Head Room: Front 38.8″, Rear: 35.3″                                                Turning Circle: 37 ft

Leg Room: Front 42.7″. Rear: 35.4″                                                   Curb Weight: 4,647.3 lbs

Shoulder Room: Front 57.7″, Rear 55.5″                                           Weight Distribution: Front 48%, Rear 52%