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I know, it seems like it was yesterday but 3 years have passed since the launch of the Mercedes Class A, the compact vehicle that started the brand’s aesthetic and philosophical rejuvenation. This has undoubtedly brought the brand closer than ever to new customers, younger ones, with a little less acquisitive power but great aspiration of buying a car like a Mercedes.

So time has come to “retouch” the Class A. With very subtle “lifts” here and there to avoid losing the classic Mercedes look the car looks remarkably like previous models but you can immediately tell that this is no last year toy. The new Class A is open for pre-order already at some distinguished dealerships and deliveries start in September.

The front bumper has been completely redesigned, together with minor improvements in the rear one. The exhaust pipes look nicer and have changed shapes a little bit since the last edition. In general, this can be seen as a half-life redesign which explains why the changes aren’t that dramatic and resemble more of a facelift rather than a rebirth.

There will be 8 different versions for the gasoline models and also 5 will be diesel with power ratings that go from 100 to 381 hp. The Class A 45 AMG is the top of the line at this time packing the full unrestricted 381 hp. An increase of 7 hp when compared to previous models.

Finally, Mercedes is also offering a new system for customizing your vehicle’s “feel”. You can select between the Comfort, Sport, Eco and Custom modes. These different modes will tweak the engine response, transmission response, temperature control, steering and suspension in order to provide amazingly different “rides” in the same box.

As usual Mercedes does it again with its ageless design that captivates youngsters and grown men alike. What do you think about the new Mercedes A Class?