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Having to ship your vehicle by yourself is not a really good idea if it’s raining or even worse, snowing, and in a place like Canada, where it snows a lot, shipping your vehicle by yourself from city to city is very risky!

By getting a car shipping company to ship your vehicle for you, you will save many things, one of them is the risk of an accident during the shipping process. And of course you are probably thinking that you don’t want to spend any extra money for something you can do yourself, but have you ever thought about all the expenses you’ll have to deal with during the shipping process? Especially if you are trying to ship your vehicle long distances.

Let’s take a look at some of the most dangerous roads we have in Canada:

Provincial Trunk Highway 11

This is a provincial highway located in the province of Manitoba it runs from an intersection with PTH 59 near Victoria beach to an intersection with PTH near Falcon Lake and the Ontario boundary.

Highway 103

This is an east-west highway in Nova Scotia that runs from Halifax to Yarmouth. The highway follows a route of 294 km (183 mi) along the province’s South Shore region fronting the Atlantic coast. The route parallels its predecessor, local Trunk 3.

Provincial Trunk Highway 1

This is located in the Manitoba section of the Trans-Canada Highway mainline route. It is a heavily used, 4-lane divided highway, with the exception of a short 18 km section in the southeastern corner of the province.

These are the most dangerous roads in Canada, so you better make sure to drive extremely careful if you are thinking about shipping your vehicle on any of these dangerous roads in Canada!