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When Jaguar first introduced the XF it was back in 2007. People were still singing to hits such as “Umbrella” by Rihanna and living their lives totally oblivious to the total economic collapse that was about to happen.

Some time has passed and now, finally, the second generation XF is here. The top of the line vehicle is made with the purpose of competing with the BMW 5 Series and the Mercedes E-Class. Even though in the past the XF hasn’t really rivaled the sales of the aforementioned cars, this generation is expected to finally bring to the table what high-end customers have been wanting from Jaguar for a long time.

Like the larger XJ and smaller XE, the XF is now built on an All-aluminum platform that sheds off around 265 pounds on the AWD models.

With two engine options, 340 hp and 380 hp, the XF is sure to provide a fast yet comfortable ride without draining your wallet even more (If you own this car you probably don’t worry about that). The 8-speed automatic transmission¬†is said to be almost imperceptible¬†to the driver or passengers which is an amazing feat of engineering considering it is not a CVT or continuously variable transmission.

Jaguar says the top of the line model can do 0-60 in 5 seconds flat.

At 47K for a mid-range model, the Jaguar XF is no cheap toy, and it won’t feel like one. As always you can expect the unbelievably pleasant engine roar that has become typical to the Jaguar engines together with the comfort and exclusivity that a car of this caliber provides.

Have you ever driven a Jaguar? What do you think about this new 2016 model? Send me an eMail and share your opinion!