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A new Audi A6 allroad quattro 3.0 is coming out of the pipeline. This car is one that has several philosophies of design and manufacturing incrusted in a single product. According to Audio there is no challenge to tough for their new creation.

Even though this version still exists with the A4, the A6 is even more Chameleon-like. The difference between them being mainly size, is brought by the pneumatic suspension with which you can lift or lower the car’s distance to the ground.

We tested the diesel version which currently offers 218 hp which is more than enough to move the 2 ton vehicle. After a few hundred kilometers of driving we now have an idea of how comfortable the quattro 3.0 really is.

The car is surrounded by plastic spoilers that giveaway the car’s ‘tough’ nature. If you are one of those customers who prefers the car to be totally painted in one sole color, Audi has that package available for you. But honestly, we think that doing this would take away from the car’s aggressive and powerful look.

The interiors showcase Beaufort Nut wood look amazingly well in the door panels. Once you sit down inside the quattro allroad you will find yourself immersed in an inviting, soothing and comfortable environment covered with world-class materials.

With the well known Audi steering wheel, as always, we find comfort mixed with a sporty feel that is difficult to describe. The massaging seats and individual heating and cooling systems are there to make any ride the best ride.

And how to forget the two USB ports in the center console that both allow for music playback directly from your mobile device and charge it’s battery at the same time.

The V6 3.0 L TDI engine provides 218 hp thanks to an ingenious propulsor design that allows the driver to merely touch the pedal for the car to achieve highway speeds. The transmission is a 7 speed S tronic with double clutch that offers almost imperceptible gear shifts and providing a 9,1 Liter /100 km gas consumption.

Amazing isn’t it?  Would you buy one of Audi’s cars? If you were to own one, would you ship it across Canada with the best, or with just about any car shipping company?