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The Audi RS3 Sportback is back! Some would say it is comparable to a BMW 135i or a Ford Focus RS, but this car in our opinion has way more to offer than its category competitors.

With the now famous 4-ring Audi front grill and the menacing lights that resemble the look of a killer robot, the Audi RS3 Sportback is certainly pleasant to look at.

LED’s together with conventional lighting make for the perfect combination of form and function to illuminate the street though this trend is now widespread amongst all car manufacturers, we never get tired of it.

The suspension is very well tuned to enable the car to “hug the road” when making sharp turns. This allows the RS3 to handle slow and fast curves with ease no matter if you are racing down a mountain or just putting the pedal to the metal while on a plain field highway or track.

The 5 cylinder turbo engine packs a lot of punch for its size clocking in at 367 horsepower which is 27 more than the previous model.  The transmission has been upgraded too, the old one reaching peak performance output at 5500 RPM the new model will keep providing “push” all the way to 6800 RPM! Now that’s German engineering for you.

Nothing is confirmed yet, but everything points to a release of the car in American soil in late 2016. Retail price is yet to be determined, but we suspect a starting price of 46k for the RS3 since the regular S3 is currently running at 41k.

Stay tuned, more on this awesome vehicle coming soon.