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The new Chevy Cruze lineup was presented some time go in China already. At that time many were sure that that model would be the same that would be launched here in North America and in any other country were Chevrolet sells cars but apparently there has been a slight change of plans. Out of the blue comes the new Chevy Cruze with a brand new face.

Different from the teaser commercials that Chevrolet has published to announce the new Camaro, the Cruze ads do tell us a lot about what we will get on June 24th. We know for example, that some new tech fog-lights inspired on the Malibu are coming to the beloved automobile.

Chevy Cruze Interior

The vehicle now has a “fresher” design that still manages to keep the identity of the current model. We will see a new infotainment system in the center console that will run either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. The Cruze by the way, will be the first model from Chevrolet to adopt this new sound/entertainment/information system. And boy, those leather highlights  on the interior look just phenomenal.

What do you think about the new Chevy Cruze? Do you like it?