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People asked and waited for it and its finally here! The Jaguar F-Type has arrived and is here to stay.

Well, actually, yeah. You will be, too, as long as you’re not expecting it to be a Cayman GT4-fighter.

The Jaguar F-Type does not offer a V8 engine, to the surprise of many. Though it would be a nice option to have, I don’t believe anyone really needs it even if it was offered. The new model is extremely well balanced when it comes to performance, comfort fuel efficiency and looks.

The Jag comes with a supercharged V8 that starts achieving maximum torque as after 3,000 RPM. You can actually feel how you get glued to your seat. Even though a V8 would’ve probably felt even more powerful the experience is awesome nonetheless.

One of the best parts of the new Jaguar is the fact that it doesn’t come with fancy (yet practically useless) programmed-in “sport”, “cruise” or “economy” modes. This car takes you back to the good old days where you WILL have to change gears yourself in order to achieve the performance desired. There are some reports also, of some great improvement when it comes to 0-100 times but nothing official yet.

I want to dedicate special attention to the gearbox since it merits some attention. You will not find yourself using a tight, short-travel shift lever in the Jaguar. The official figures come at 45mm throw but the feeling you get from it starting from the weight of the clutch system to the “engaged” feel of the shifter itself, is that of a smooth, luxurious gearbox. Extremely precise and extremely classy.

Jaguar has made a name for itself thanks to its well-know taste for luxury and power, what do you think about the new Jaguar F-Type?