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Michelle Oliver was on the way to the hospital to deliver her second child when she suddenly heard an impact. She turned only to find the body of a huge bear laying on her hood.

The woman from Bridgetown was about to give birth when the truck that her husband was driving hit the bear at around 3:30 AM this past 14th of May in Nova Scotia.

It wasn’t possible to keep driving the vehicle so they had to stop in the middle of highway 101. The family started waving a flashlight at any passing vehicle for help and a small group of bystanders quickly gathered.

The paramedics arrived a few minutes later and by that time Oliver’s contractions were happening about once every five minutes.

Even though the family admits to being a little sore after the crash, mother and child arrived back home safely and in good condition.

Next time you drive across or get your car shipped across Canada, make sure to watch out for bears!

Morgan Bear Oliver was the name given to  the little baby girl in honor of the bear who now nobody can find.