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Auto Transportation in Canada

Auto Transportation in CanadaThere are many things you may want to take into consideration before shipping your vehicle, coming up with a check list for all these things is something you definitely may want to do so nothing goes wrong during the auto shipping process. Before you hand in your auto to the car carrier company you previously chose, you need to get it prepared.

The very first thing you may want to do is ask your vehicle shipping company if there are detailed instructions from their end. There are many auto transport companies that may require you to remove every item off the vehicle, there are a bunch more that let you keep some of the items in the truck.

There’s one thing you have to keep in mind, although your car won’t be driven during the vehicle shipping process, you may want to have a quarter tank of gas, at least.

You are probably wondering why, well this is for the driver to be able to drive your vehicle into the car carrier it will be transported in. Washing and cleaning your car before it hits the road for the auto transport process is going to help you identify with detail all of the objects you may want to take off.

We also recommend you to make a list with all the items you left in your car, truck or SUV and verify all of them are still there when your car gets delivered. Another important detail is listing all the dents, scratches and any other superficial damage your vehicle has, in order for you to make sure your vehicle didn’t get any damages during the shipping process. Taking pictures of these details will make it easier for you.

Make sure that the battery in your car is fully charged and the vehicles’ tires are in good condition, so the driver can actually drive your car into the car carrier. If for some reason your car is leaking oil you need to let the driver know, so he can arrange the entire car load in a way that it won’t be causing any damage to the units below. The cars’ mirrors should be folded back to avoid any possible damage during the vehicle shipping process.

There are some items that will require to be removed for you cars own benefit, for such as the antenna, fog lights, ground effects and spoilers. If you own a convertible car make sure to secure the top. Turn off the alarm of your vehicle, you may also want to let the driver know how to deactivate the alarm in case it turns on by itself during the shipping process. Contact  ShipMyRide today and  get a completely free car shipping quote.

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