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Land Rover has released the brand new remote control system for their Luxurious vehicle section “Range Rover” which allows for the driver to control the steering, brakes and throttle through a smartphone outside the car.

This feature allows the driver to check the precise position that the car will acquire when parking in a difficult spot at a maximum speed of 7 Km/h.

As if this weren’t enough the Range Rover Sport also includes what the company calls “Multi-Point Turn” which makes the vehicle capable of autonomously maneuvering around 180 degrees to point in the opposite direction.

The vehicle achieves this by taking over gear selection, steering, braking and acceleration to be able to do as many forward and backward movements as necessary to complete the command.

As is common¬†now with Range Rover models, the car is able to achieve all of this and more through an assortment of cameras and ultrasonic sensors that give the cars computer a very accurate “vision” of the world around it.

This is without doubt a great achievement and I personally look forward to what the future has in store for us in the next 5 years.

Driving is becoming more and more exciting!