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Vehicle Shipping in  Cambridge Bay, Nunavut

Vehicle Shipping in  Cambridge Bay, Nunavut

At ShipMyRide we know that shipping a car to or from Cambridge Bay might sound like a difficult task. Auto transporting a car to Cambridge Bay is something ShipMyRide knows exactly how to do, so when ever you need to ship your vehicle to or from Cambridge Bay, ShipMyRide is the car carrier company you need to call.

Cambridge Bay is a hamlet located on Victoria Island in the Kitikmeot Region in Nunavut, Canada.  The name of Cambridge Bay is named for Prince Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge. The traditional name for Cambridge Bay is Ikaluktuutiakwhich means “good fishing place”.

The traditional language spoken in the area of Cambridge Bay is Inuinnaqtun and it currently uses the latin alphabet instead of the Inuktitut writing system.Cambridge Bayh is the largest stop for research and passenger vessels travelling in the Artic Ocean’s Northwest passage.

The Artic Oceans Northwest Passage, which is a disputed area by many nations including the Government of Canada, and  some other nations state they are either territorial waters or international waters.

ShipMyRide is a car carrier company that is certified by the Auto Transport Associations as a platinum member since 2009. This certification shows all of our customers from Cambridge Bay that ShipMyRide is a highly qualified car shipping company that will take care of all of the details of the car shipping service it is being provided to them.

ShipMyRide knows that our car shipping customers from Cambridge Bay might want to communicate with a car shipping company in different ways. For that reason we want to let them know that they can communicate with us with different tools. Our car shipping customers can communicate with us via email, phone or live chat or they are more than welcome to visit us to our main offices.

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