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Auto Shipping in Prince AlbertShipMyRide is a car carrier company that provides services in Prince Albert Saskatchewan. Here in ShipMyRide we worry about knowing the details of the cities we transport our vehicles. For that reason we got into the task of knowing some facts of Prince Albert.Prince Albert is located in Saskatchewan, Canada and it is the third largest city in Saskatchewan, Canada.

The geographical location of of Prince Albert is in the centre of the Saskatchewan on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. Prince Albert Park is located only 32 miles north to the city and is a very wealthy place for lakes, forest and wildlife. Prince Albert is located in a bordering place between the aspen parkland and boreal forest biomes.

Prince Albert Saskatchewan is also known as the “Gateway to the North”, the reason for Prince Albert being called like that, is that it is the major centre in the route of resources in the north of Saskatchewan. At first, Prince Albert was named by the Cree as Kistahpinanihkm which means “sitting pretty place”, “a great meeting place” or “meeting place”.

Also it is known that in 1692, the first white man to travel through the area that is now known as Prince Albert was Henry Kelsey. In 1776, the first establishment was set up, it was a trading post. As you can see ShipMyRide is a car carrier company that knows several details about the cities we ship vehicles to.

Here in ShipMyRide we a are a certified car shipping company by the Auto Transportation Association since 2009, its fair to say that we are recognized as a platinum member. This certification gives our car shipping customer from Prince Albert the peace of mind they need when selecting an auto transportation company.

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