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David Brown Automotive has worked for over 18 months to present its first vehicle, the Speedback GT.

As you will be able to see in the images below, this car showcases the classic Aston Martin design but it actually uses a Jaguar XKR engine.

The motor is a 5.0 Liter supercharged V8 that delivers an astounding 510hp. The transmission is a 6-speed automatic that will help you use all of that engine’s power to achieve 0 -100 Kmh in a mere 4.8 seconds with a max speed of 250 Kmh.

The body is almost pure aluminum and in the interior department we see some nice wood intersections that together with the polished metal adornments gives the car a “just right” look that is very Aston Martin.

This David Brown Speedback GY will be limited production only since it’s built almost fully by hand. With a price tag of 800,000 dollars, this majestic incarnation of classic beauty and modern power is sure to be limited.

What do you think about this model, would you spend an amount of money close to that for a classic?