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It is really easy to think and spot the most common car models nowadays. Most people associate certain car models not only to an specific market, but also to an specific brand, but have you ever wondered how many years it took for that specific car model to be associated with its brand in the mind of the consumer? Truth is, it takes way more than just an innovative and smart advertising campaign strategy to achieve this.

Let’s take a look in history to 4 of the most iconic car companies we know. Reviewing their timeline over the years will help us understand a little bit more the reason these companies were able to breakthrough the most difficult markets to penetrate in the world and, arguably, reach worldwide success.


As you may know, Ford was founded by Henry Ford back in 1903.


Best-Selling Vehicle


Have you ever counted how many Ford vehicles come across you when you are going down the road on a daily basis? If you have actually done this, the answer will be “all the time”. But what was the first Ford model to ever become a commercial success? The 1919 Ford Model T Coupe.

This model was desgined by Childe Harold Wills. If you were born after the 40’s, we highly doubt you have ever drove one of these, that doesn’t stop you from being aware of the huge impact this vehicle had from 1908 to 1927. You have, most likely, seen this vehicle in many movies. Long story short: in 2004, during a press release Ford reported that 9 cars out of 10 in the world were Ford model T back in 1914.

This model sold 16,500,000 units, allowing the Ford motor company to hold the record for the best selling vehicle for many years, until the Volkswagen Beetle was released.


Our next company is Volkswagen, a german company founded back in 1937.


Best-Selling Vehicle

Who vw-beetlecould ever forget the success of the beetle? It had an ongoing production from 1938 to 2003. Truth be told, everyone you know probably owned a Beetle in the past! Maybe it was its innovative but yet, friendly design which draw attention to this epic Volkswagen model. The Beetle sales figures surpass the 21 million units sold, becoming the best selling vehicle in Volkswagen’s history.



Toyota is a Japanese car company founded back in 1937


Best-Selling Vehiclecorolla

Toyota’s best selling vehicle is, without a doubt, the Corolla model which has had an ongoing production from 1966 to today. This Toyota’s model has had many implementations over the decades, currently, the Toyota Corolla is in its 11th generation, setting a record for the best selling vehicle for any car company with sales figures surpassing the 40 million mark, as of 2013.



How could we talk about car companies and leave out BMW? Even though BMW’s target market is higher than the ones its peers are trying to market, It has, unarguably, caused a huge impact in the car industry over the decades. BMW was founded back in 1916 in Germany.

As we mentioned before, BMW’s aims to target the hard-to-please upscale market. However, they have been able to penetrate this market manufacturing high-class car & motocyle models. It is common to think about BMW as a luxury brand.


Best-Selling Vehicle

the BMW 3 series has had an ongoing production for 40 years. Surpassing the 9 million sales mark to 2005. The BMW 3 series is currently in its 6th generation. bmw3