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According to a study by J.D. Power on car drivers Selection of Technology, three of the five preferred by American motorists have to do with security.

These systems that safeguard the integrity of the passengers are: blind spot detector, night vision and systems that have to do with prevention and mitigation of impacts. These findings demonstrate that safety has become increasingly important for consumers in the last few years. Also, all these technologies are a fundamental part of the so fashionable autonomous driving going around lately.

It is noteworthy to say that another device that is part of the five favorite technologies of motorists is the rear view camera, which is not classified on the list of security systems, but is considered an assistive technology. Another technology that barely made the Top 5 list is anti-scratch paint.

This study, which incidentally was performed for the first time, considers the 59 most advanced technologies contained in a vehicle and analyzes them through six categories: connectivity and entertainment; comfort and convenience; crash protection; driving assistance; navigation and efficiency.

Blind spot detectionProtection40%
Night VisionProtection33%
Impact mitigationProtection13
Rear facing cameraDriver Assistance10%
Anti Scratch paintComfort4%