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Whether you have a new or old car one thing is for sure, you will try anything to keep your car paint looking new. There are many factors that can damage your car paint including the elements. Things like the sun, snow and dust can affect your car paint. Keeping your vehicle’s paint in good condition could bring you many benefits, including a higher resell value. Appearance is one of the main factor that influence the resell value of a vehicle.

Let’s take a look at some tips to keep your vehicle’s paint looking like new.

When you wash your vehicle remember to work from the insisde out. Always clean a vehicle’s passenger cabin before washing the exterior to avoid getting dust and dirt on what would otherwise be spotless body pannels.

We recommend you to use high quality products when it comes to car shampoo. Most of the times this is the main reason swirl scratches appear.

Once the inside of your vehicle is ship-shape, you need to take care of the vehicle’s exterior. These are essential for a better car paint maintenance. Keep in mind to always wash and wax your vehicle in a shaded area to prevent water spotting.

You can get small bottles of paint at your supermarket or at the dealership to retouch your vehicle as soon as you spot a scratch. This will spot your vehicle’s exterior from rusting. To keep your car’s paint intact, be sure to use soft fabrics when washing it or waxing it. you can try flannel, but stay away from materials like nylon which could scratch your vehicle’s exterior.

We don’t recommend you to use dishwashing soap, remember your vehicle has a protective coating, and this type of soap may remove it if you use it very often. Always try to avoid waxes that contain an abbrasive compound.  You need to read the rules on bottle to know how much wax you actually need to apply and also how you need to apply it.

Do you know any other tips to keep your car paint looking new? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!