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When talking about the automobile industry, one thing is for sure, cars are not what they used to be. Vehicles have changed a lot through the years. However, we can not deny that in 2015 we have the best vehicles when it comes to styling and technology.

After all the recent recalls we have had during the last 10 years, it’s hard to think about the last time the auto industry released a flaw-free vehicle. It seems like vehicles nowadays are dropping a transmission to the pavement within days after being picked up at the dealership.

We will give you a list of 10 vehicles to avoid in 2015 to save yourself some problems!

This might sound surprising to you since BMW is known as one of the highest quality vehicles in the world. But their BMW 7 series doesn’t feel as sporty as they used to, not to mention it was named the vehicle with worst overall value and most expensive operating costs in its class.

The next vehicle we recommend you to stay away from is the Cadillac XTS. This vehicle, even if we secretly love it, got low marks from initial quality and performance, according to some experts. Another thing you have to know about the Cadillac XST is that its resale value is below-average, so if you are planning to buy this vehicle keep in mind that its value will drop a lot!

The Dodge Journey is another vehicle you may want to stay away from. We believe that this vehicle needs a redesign, one of the reasons, is that its four-cylinder engine is a dated four-speed automatic transmission. Some experts named this vehicle as a below-average reliability and lack of agility. Time to redesign your Journey, Dodge!

The Fiat 500L is another vehicle you should stay away from.This vehicle received low marks in initial quality and performance and a below-average resale value. This could be an option if you’re seeking a small and fun vehicle, however, now that you know its cons, we recommend you bo avoid it!

Jeep is very well known for always delivering the goods, but their Jeep Compass is an exception to the rule. It has a very weak engine with only 158-horsepower. Some experts actually called it “dull and sluggish”.

Lincoln might be an upscale market brand, however, their Lincoln MKS didn’t do a good job representing this. It was actually named one of the worst values among new cars. Not to mention this vehicle is confusing because it is fitted with the MyLicoln media system.

Our next spot is for Nissan while it has enough space, it’s really difficult to drive with a bouncy ride and heavy handling. This vehicle got low marks in initial quality. It is really bad in overall fuel economy, so if you are trying to save some dollars in gas stay away from this vehicle.

Nissan strikes again with their Nissan Titan. Nissan can’t compete with its peers when it comes to trucks, and this vehicle is also noted as being one of the vehicles with worst value in the industry.

Now that you know the vehicles you should stay away from, let us know what you think!