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Many car buyers consider safety a top priority for their next purchase. We at ShipMyRide agree with that notion and have decided to provide our visitors with recurrent updates to the list of the safest cars available. Sit back and enjoy the ride because we are about to find out what vehicles are the safest to drive in this modern world, in the year 2015.

1.- Volvo V40 hatchback volvo-v40

The Volvo V40 is currently the absolute safest car available for purchase. By beating all competitors ever tested by the Euro NCAP, Volvo is well known for making safe cars that last a long time. This year V40 provides a 98% rating for adult protection, 100% in the safety assist and with a new pedestrian airbag system it has scored a record-breaking 88% in pedestrian protection.


2.- Land Rover Discovery Sport SUV land-rover-discovery-sport-suv


The Land Rover Discovery Sport has come to replace the old model, the Freelander. With this replacement, of course, came improvements in the safety score. The 2015 model has accomplished some dramatic improvements when it comes to adult occupant protection scoring an incredible 93% thanks to front and side impact protection systems. With a 91% score in the child safety department, it is a well-suited vehicle for families since it also includes two child-seat mounts with instructions. 82% for the safety assist means this car won’t let you crash into the person in front of you on a stop light.


3.- Mercedes C-Class saloon  mercedes-c-class-saloon


The Mercedes C-Class offers an abundance of the latest technologies in electronic safety. This car is incredibly good at avoiding crashes that once you use it you won’t want to go back. While the safety assist protects you from simple mistakes, the vehicle’s structure and design protect you and your loved ones in the event of a severe accident. The car has been praised for its “pre-safe” technology that tightens the seatbelts and optimizes seat positioning in case of an accident being unavoidable. The Mercedes C-Class saloon also alerts you if it thinks you are acting drowsy as well. It has scored a 92% for adult protection and 84% for child protection.


These are the top 3 safest gasoline cars available to buy today. But what about electrics? Another top 3 coming soon.