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2014 was a record year for automobile sales in Canada, reaching the 1.8 million vehicles sold, this represents a 6% increase from 2013. From all the vehicle manufacturers out there, Ford was the top seller, however, companies like Chrysler had a sales increase by 12% and GM by 6% from the prior year, 2013. Let’s take a look at the top 5 cars sold in Canada.

The 10th place belongs to the Mazda 3 having sold more than 41,000 units. Although this is not an impressive number for the Japanese automaker they still managed to enter the top 10 cars sold in Canada.

The 9th place is occupied the Chevrolet Silverado, seems like trucks are very popular in Canada. Trucks took over the car sales in Canada in 2014. 1,077,477 million trucks were sold in Canada compared to 775,524 units sold for cars. The Chevrolet Silverado surpassed the 41,000 units sold making it Chevrolet’s best selling vehicle in Canada. its sales increased by 12% in Canada.

The 8th place is for the GMC Sierra having sold more than 48,000 units, making it the best selling vehicle for the GM lineup in Canada.

The 7th place is for the Toyota Corolla. This popular vehicle had sales of over 48,500 units. This represented a 13% increase from 2013.

The 6th spot is occupied by the Hyundai Elantra having sold about 50,000 units. Although this vehicle is still a top 10, it was the only vehicle in our list with a decrease from 2013. It had a 9% decrease.

The 5th place is occupied by the Dodge Grand Caravan selling more than 51,000 units. Some of the reasons this vehicle was highly demanded by the Canadian consumer is that the Dodge Grand Caravan is capable on the road, also it has enough space in the inside and it is, indeed, very comfortable to be on. This vehicle inscreased its sales by 11% compared to the prior year.

The 4th place for the top 5 cars sold in Canada is occupied by the Ford Escape. This vehicle sold more than 52,000 units, making the Ford Escape the most sold and popular Ford SUV in Canada. Its sales increased by 16% from the prior year.

The 3rd place belongs to the Honda Civic, there’s no doubt this vehicle has been really popular ever since it came out. However, in 2014, this vehicle had record sales of 66,057 units, making it Honda’s best selling vehicle in Canada.

The 2nd place is occupied by the RAM pickup. This truck surpassed the 88,000 units sold, making it the 2nd best selling vehicle in Canada. Those sales represented an increase by 10% from previous year.

And as we mentioned before, the US automaker Ford, was the leader in the automobile industry in Canada in 2014. Their Ford F-series sold more than 125,000 units making it Canada’s best selling new vehicle, truck or car. The Ford F-Series was also the best selling pickup in canada for the 49th consecutive year.