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If we’re going to talk about Chrysler it is impossible not to mention that Chrysler is part of the “Big Three”. Chrysler, along with Ford and General Motors are America’s biggest car manufacturers in the world. Let’s take a look at some of Chrysler’s best selling vehicles throughout their history:

In 1951 Chrysler introduced the Hemi, even if we make fun of it nowadays it was very innovative when it was first released. It looked something like this, we’re pretty sure you’ll remember seeing one of these before!


Then, we have the iconic plymouth Voyager. This vehicle was extremely popular back in the mid 80’s, it was mostly attributed to soccer moms, but in reality many people owned a Voyager. And here’s a funny fact about Chrysler, when the finances crumbled in 2008, the Voyager retained a 41% US market share for the Voyager. Isn’t that amazing? After all the criticism against it.


By 2013 the car manufacturer had a net revenue of 86,816 compared to the previous year 2012 Р83,957. There are many experts who assure Chrysler needs to step up their game in the automobile manufacturing industry, otherwise, they assure, the company will disappear due to their poor development.