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One of the biggest barriers that electric cars face in the present is that of charging, however, this obstacle will be surmounted as soon as 2017 according to some experts.

The achievement comes thanks to wireless charging. A technology that enables your car to be charged while parked by a big coil under the ground. It is real, and it is coming.

Though wireless charging technology hasn’t been widely adopted so far due to its abysmal 20% efficiency, some recent breakthroughs in conductors and electro magnetic frequency control are proposedly going to double this figure. Achieving this wouldn’t only open up huge possibilities for cell phone manufacturers, cars, specifically electric, would definitely come to dominate the landscape.

Electric vehicles are already cheaper to maintain than their internal combustion counterparts, inexpensive, reliable, wireless charging would put the last nail in the coffin of our current oil powered world.

Picture driving to the supermarket, parking under a normal-looking roof but that is actually a solar array that charges your car wirelessly for free. This may seem far-fetched but Tesla is already doing something similar with their Supercharger stations.

The future certainly seems brighter. What do you think?