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What’s my best shipping service option?

What's my best shipping service option

When trying to find a the perfect auto transport company, you may also want to get a car shipping company who offers a wide variety in auto moving services. We understand the importance of having many options to choose from, only you know what best satisfies your needs.

ShipMyRide is a certified auto transport company working with professional staff and respectful car carrier drivers who will go the extra mile to provide excellent car shipping service and exceed your expectation.

We have only the highest quality standards in vehicle shipping and our customers tell us all the time. We are proud to say that we are a platinum member of the Auto Transport Association since 2009 and continue to work hard to improve the auto shipping service in Canada.

Our goal is to serve you and your vehicle in a timely manner and ensure your satisfaction with our fleet of trucks and our committed staff. This is how we are able to serve the General Public, Dealers, Fleet, Rental and Leasing Companies.

Our Services


Your vehicle is never left unattended. The driver is always with the load.


We have three types of insurances: Garage, Cargo and Liability. This means that your vehicle will be insured up-to $250,000 from the minute that it’s left at our yard.

Door to Door service:

If needed we will pick up the vehicle at your doorstep and bring it to the address where you will relocate.


If you are able to bring the vehicle to our yard it will save you an average of $180 dollars when the carrier picks up the vehicle. It will save you another $180 dollars if you are able to pick your car up at our terminal once its been delivered. The vehicle will be insured from the moment you drop it off until it is picked up. For your convenience there are no storage fees when the vehicle is safely in our yard.

Meet the Driver

If you are unable to bring your vehicle to our terminal and do not want to pay for door pick up or delivery. You can always meet the driver as he is passing through your city. It must be in an open area, large enough so he can load or unload the vehicle from the carrier. The person meeting our driver must be available 24/7. Our dispatch team will keep you updated on when the driver will be passing through and the driver himself will contact you 1-3 hours prior to pick up or delivery.

Open and Enclosed Carrier:

You are welcome to ship in an open carrier, which will save you about 60% on your auto transport. Or you can ship in an enclosed carrier, which protects your vehicle from any elements and road debris.

GPS System:

Our trucks have a GPS system that allow us to track your vehicle at any moment.

24/7 Customer service:

We have great communication with our customers. You will be able to receive assistance 24/7. On the bottom right you will see a live chat. Send us a message and someone will respond promptly. We will also send you updates on your vehicle transit status every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


We greatly value each of our customers and believe that honesty is key to keeping a long lasting business relationship!

At ShipMyRide we are happy to guide you during the entire shipping process. If you need more information ShipMyRide is here to help.

Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to take your call!

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