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Vehicle Shipping in British Columbia, Canada

Vehicle Shipping in British Columbia, CanadaThe first two freeways ever built in British Columbia were given a 400- series numbers, much like the 400-series Highways in Ontario. The roads 401 and 499 were renamed to 1 and 99 respectively. In the last few years some routes have been devolved to regional or municipal authorities and have lost their official highway status.

In ShipMyRide we only use the safest roads in British Columbia for our auto transport deliveries. The main reason for that is that we need to make sure all the vehicles of our customer get to their destination without a single scratch. The roads used on a car shipping delivery are a key factor when you talk about the quality in the service of a car shipping company.

The roads picked for the routes determine so many aspects like accomplishing the timeframes in the delivery, the vehicle’s safety between many other things. Here in ShipMyRide we commit with our customers to have highly experienced drivers in our trucks so that they can have the peace in mind that their vehicles are safe.

As well, this experience helps our drivers handling and making the decisions on which roads to use. The experience our drivers have makes the process much more reliable and makes it easier to accomplish all the timeframes and customers expectations.

All these facts guarantee the quality in the car shipping service your deserve.If you have any questions about car shipping in Canada, don’t hesitate on calling us. We will be more than glad to assist you with any auto transportation inquiries you might have.

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