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Auto Shipping Insurance

Auto Shipping InsuranceA well certified car carrier will have at least two types of insurance to protect your vehicle during its shipping in Canada.Vehicles are a delicate product to move, this is why ShipMyRide protects the products we move as our own by adding a third kind of insurance.

Car shipping is not an easy process if its handled with the wrong company. Caring for a job is not enough specially in car shipping when we are dealing with weather factors and third people involved in the highways. Insurance is something that is a must in auto transportation in Canada. 

Cargo Insurance. This type or car shipping insurance makes sure to protect the total value of the load the car carrier has loaded. If major accident was to happen, like a car crash this will kick in to assure our customers peace of mind.

Liability Insurance This type of insurance protects the company members and equipment.

It’s always better to have a well-protected team and equipment behind your auto shipping job! Garage Policy. Here we talk about the protection of your ride when it’s not in transit. Terminal time is also protected with ShipMyRide.

They need to have these 3 Insurances at least in order to transport your vehicle in Canada and in the United States. It is very important that you verify all the information so you can be sure your vehicle is ensured. Do not risk your money, ship your vehicle only with certified car shipping companies so you can be sure your vehicle will arrive in perfect conditions.

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