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Terminal-To-Terminal Car Shipping Benefits

Terminal-To-Terminal Car Shipping Benefits When deciding which is the most suitable way for you to ship your car in Canada, it is very important to take in consideration all the options available and once you have all the possibilities clear it is safer to make the decision.

ShipMyRide offers to all of our customers three main options when shipping their vehicles: Door to Door service, meet the driver service, and terminal to terminal service.

When moving your vehicle through long distances it is very convenient to utilize the company’s terminal if it is possible, the reasons are:

  1. Storage service option: If you need to depart from the city where you are shipping from and the truck hasn’t departed yet, the company the you are shipping with might be able to offer you the opportunity to keep your vehicle in a secure area until the truck departs, this is very useful when you have scheduled dates for departure or arrival and can’t wait for the driver. This option also may apply when delivering in a terminal.
  2. Better control of shipping dates: Car shipping companies usually schedule their trucks in trips that go terminal to terminal, meaning that it is easier to provide with accurate departure or arrival dates when shipping that way. Trucks do meet the customers in cities along the way but the exact time of arrival or departure is always estimated, and depends on the condition of the road, weather and may be subject to delays.
  3. Availability for pick-up: Having your vehicle delivered in a depot makes life easier for the company and the customer. When a customer is meeting a driver in a non-terminal city, the driver might arrive in the night or very early in the morning, making the delivery somewhat uncomfortable for the customer.
  4. Low price: Shipping terminal to terminal is less expensive for the company which makes it less expensive for the customer as well.Making the shipping experience easier for customers is our most important goal. Consider terminal to terminal service as an option when shipping with us!


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