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Least used car technologies

Technology inside car

According to a study for the Driver Interactive Vehicle Experience (Drive) of JD Power, a lot of the latest technologies that vehicles come equipped with are not being used by the owners. This research that measured 4,200 drivers experience with the technology of their car in the first three months of ownership, reveals that 20 […]

Samsung, LG and Audi battery packs?

Audi Electric

Audio is about to take excellent advantage of the “know how” the LG and Samsung possess regarding electronic systems for the upcoming car of the future. The new electric proposal from audio is an SUV based on the Quattro e-tron concept car. The two south Korean companies are planning to invest in some new technologies […]

Honda project 2 & 4

Honda project 2 & 4

Honda presented its Project 2 & 4 at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show, which is quite a particular vehicle. Undoubtedly, the most interesting piece of this concept comes from its inspiration, the legendary Formula 1 car named Honda’s RA272 model 1965, this is a combined sensation of driving a motorcycle because it has no roof, with a car. In order […]

The most used technologies in cars

Most used tech

According to a study by J.D. Power on car drivers Selection of Technology, three of the five preferred by American motorists have to do with security. These systems that safeguard the integrity of the passengers are: blind spot detector, night vision and systems that have to do with prevention and mitigation of impacts. These findings […]

Electric car interest still high

Tesla p85d

According to a survey conducted in the US by The Harrris Poll, interest in electric cars by consumers has remained stable in recent years. During 2013 and 2014 sales of electric vehicles and plug-in Hybrids exceeded half a million units and it seems that at the end of 2015 the same will happen. And we […]

Honda B-RV

Honda BRV

Honda attended the Indonesian Auto Show on August 20th in order to to advertise the BR-V, a new small SUV with 3 rows of seats the Japanese. This new model from Honda will be available initially in the Indonesian market, it mainly emphasizes some aggressive body traits, as well as the headlights that incorporate LED’s, […]

Mercedes-Benz Clase S Convertible

Mercedes S Class

To say that luxury has no roof seems silly , but here, Mercedes – Benz is preparing to welcome a new version of the open, the Class S Convertible . Based on the S -Class Coupé , the Cabriolet has four seats and hood fabric , leaving the retractable hardtop for the SL for two. […]

Volkswagen’s App Connect standard


Recently the German automaker presented its new app “My Volkswagen”, an exclusive software for iOS and Android mobile devices that offers a wide range of services and benefits related to your car. And today, Volkswagen announces the addition of App-Connect, the new technology that aims to provide drivers with access to connectivity through an intuitive […]

Wireless car charging coming in 2017


One of the biggest barriers that electric cars face in the present is that of charging, however, this obstacle will be surmounted as soon as 2017 according to some experts. The achievement comes thanks to wireless charging. A technology that enables your car to be charged while parked by a big coil under the ground. […]

This year’s safest cars

When driving there’s always something we cant keep of our minds and that is, safety. We do all types of things to assure a safe road trip, especially if we are driving long distances. By getting your vehicle checked-up before hitting the road could save you lots of money, and even your and your family’s […]